Perdekraal East Wind Farm Bursary

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The 110MW Perdekraal Wind Farm comprises forty-eight, 115m-high wind turbines, and is situated within the Witzenberg Local Municipality, in the Western Cape, less than two hours from Cape Town.

The wind farm spans an area of 3055 hectares and was chosen because of its excellent wind resource and its proximity to national roads for wind turbine transportation.

The site offers favourable construction conditions, municipality and local stakeholder support, the straightforward electrical connection into the Eskom grid, and studies showed that there would be little environmental impact.

When operating at full capacity, Perdekraal East Wind Farm generates around 368.8 GWh/year of clean renewable energy per year and is expected to supply electricity to power up to 111 118 South African homes.

Perdekraal East Wind Farm eliminates approximately 410,000 tonnes of carbon emissions each year compared to traditional fossil fuel power plants. In addition to zero carbon emissions and reduced use of fossil fuels, the country will benefit from minimal water consumption during the generation process and significant social and enterprise development programmes.

About The Bursary

We are committed to contributing to sustainable community growth through financial and non-financial community development initiatives. We do this by giving back a percentage of total revenue earned to the community; through Socio-Economic Development (SED); Enterprise Development (ED); and the establishment of a Community Trust.

The residents of Ceres, Nduli, Bella Vista and Prince Alfred Hamlet, within the Witzenberg Municipality, are the beneficiaries of community initiatives carried out for the 20-year life-span of the wind farm.

Who Can Apply

  • South African citizens.
  • From Western Cape Towns within Witzenberg municipality: Ceres, Prince Alfred Hamlet, Ntuli, Vredebes, Bellavista, and farms in Ward 12.
  • Studying any full-time degree or diploma in 2021.
  • Currently enrolled at a public or private accredited institution in South Africa.
  • Pursuing their first qualification, excluding postgraduate and honours.
  • Preference will be given to previously disadvantaged students.

Please read these notes and instructions carefully before completing the form. Be sure to read every section and ensure that the information you provide is accurate.

  • Applications that are incomplete and that include misrepresentations will immediately be disregarded.
  • Please ensure that you attach ALL of the Required Documents
  • Applications are currently closed.
  • It is your responsibility to apply for entrance for your intended course and university and to ensure that you are able to meet the entrance requirements stipulated for your course.
  • Please ensure that you complete all the sections of this application form.
  • Please select the correct funding opportunity when completing your application.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail once we have received your application. You will be advised if your application is unsuccessful.

Only shortlisted applicants will be invited to interviews. Good Luck!

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Required Documents

Please prepare the following documents:

  • A one-page statement clearly setting out why you have chosen your field of study and how you intend to use it after graduation.
  • One letter of recommendation from an individual who can speak to your personal character and/or your academic performance. This person should not be a relative or friend. Please include their telephone details.
  • A certified copy of your barcoded ID.
  • A copy of your CV.
  • Proof of your family’s monthly income. (e.g. salary slips or if unemployed, an affidavit to support this)
  • All high school applicants must attach a certified copy of their grade 11 reports and matric reports to date. If applicable, please provide proof of provisional university acceptance.
  • All tertiary students must submit certified copies of their grade 11 report, their matric results and their most recent official transcript. For applicants that have enrolled at multiple institutions during their tertiary studies, please combine all your transcripts into one document.
  • Proof of registration for students currently enrolled at a tertiary institution.
  • For applicants under the age of 18, to comply with POPI regulations a signed consent form completed by your parent/legal guardian along with a certified copy of their proof of identity is required.
  • You can download the guardian consent form by clicking HERE.